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What the heck is a Boxsal?

It's a Pretty. Fun. Picnic. In a Box.

When was the http://brisbaneconvoyforkids.com/cialis-online-switzerland last time that you sat down to enjoy a picnic? Yep, that's exactly what we thought. It's about time you unleash your creativity and http://palisadecoc.com/co/buy-cialis-online pack it inside one of our super-cool, eco-friendly picnic boxes. Use them over and over and when you're done, recycle 'em or use 'em as storage. Get out and have fun with friends and family. We've made the picnic socially acceptable again, and the picnic basket much more fashionable.

Each Boxsal is roomy enough to cheap canadian cialis pack a bottle of lowest price levitra wine, some hors ‘d ouvres, some nibbles, some sandwiches and more. They also come with fully compostable utensils, plates, cups and napkins. Sorry, wicker, it was fun while it lasted, but the new picnic belongs to post-consumer pulp. So pack up and park on. It's time to escape the office for an afternoon, schedule that over-due date or just go have some fun.

Park it

Park it

Get out and go, but use your creativity. Boxsals don’t just live in the park, they help you create your own.


Ever thought of hooding it on a trunk lid while parked on express viagra delivery'>express viagra delivery the top floor of a downtown parking garage? That's what we call the urban picnic. It gets even better if you have access to a roof top deck overlooking the skyline at night.


Or, how about an office escape? Turn that CrackBerry off and i use it buying levitra online canada grab a friend or co-worker. Set up a power lunch for two on the closest bus bench. It makes for a great stress reliever.


Long overdue for that romantic date? Simply commandeer that tree in the front yard and toss down a blanket. Trade in the candle light for some soft sunshine.


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Boxsal mail

No one wants or needs more junk mail, but come on, at least ours might make you laugh from time to time. Catch up on the latest Boxsal design releases, special promotions, picnic hot spots and some super creative ways to impress others with your new, magical picnicing skills.

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