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Wich weiner is the winner?

KitchenDaily digs up the best of the best of hot dog flavors. They sampled 20 different dogs to come up with the tastiest winner. And fresh off of our own picnic-camp outing, we agree with the top dog. Check it out here.

Boxsal on Black Board Eats – Get the goods

Hungry for a discount on Boxsal? Head on over to Blackboard Eats for the special, and very limited time, offer. Blackboard Eats offers daily deals and some pretty nice editorial reviews of restaurants and market place products. Once you have the promotional code, come back over to Boxsal and enter the coupon code on the cart screen as shown below.

This is why outside exists

The Cool Hunter has some pretty juicy “getting back to nature” pictures that are going to make your couch super jealous. And they may also make you want to pack a Boxsal picnic. See ya summer, hello fall weather.

Sit. stay. eat.

Really digging this fantastic modern picnic table from Chadhaus.

The ultimate picnic on the Today Show

Boxsal style, it is what it is

Boxsal grabs a nice plug from the San Francisco Chronicle’s IS list style guide. And they featured Lillet which is a great, but well forgotten, summer apertif. Try a glass chilled on the rocks. It works for James Bond in his Vesper Martini’s.

This week — makes us want to picnic

Boxsal’s “Makes us want to picnic” pic for the week — Retro, only that wicker picnic basket should be replaced with our Urban Picnic. Image via Rummaging Through Me.

The color of: a Boxsal picnic

Fun new beta prototype The Color Of. Created by Fung Kwok Pan (which is just fung to say). You type in a word and it aggregates Flickr images to create a composite color of. And the results for Boxsal Picnic are kind of fun and serene.

Devilishly arty eggs

Great little piece from Josh and Marta Harding on how to make deviled eggs. And art. And, makes me want to whip some up for a weekend outing.

Boxsal picnic — First things first, the 4th

Lakeside, hillside, countryside, cityside and just plain outside, here’s what we’re packing for our 4th of July picnic. Don’t forget to toss in a bit of your own creativity. That’s what Boxsal’s really all about. We’re taking the Urban boom box picnic, because the 4th is, of course, all about boom, boom, boom.

  • Beer Can Chicken Sandwiches
  • Fresh Rustic White Bread
  • Garden Greens
  • Homegrown Tomatoes
  • Touch of fresh Thyme
  • Spicy Brown Mustard
  • Smoked Gouda Cheese
  • Grandma’s Pickles
  • Strawberries
  • Peaches
  • Grapes
  • Local Dallas Goat Cheese
  • Fancy Crackers (la ti da)
  • Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Bottle of Hall Sauvignon Blanc (for the ladies)
  • Bottle of Hall Jack’s Masterpiece Cab (for the guys)
  • A few of Budweiser’s new all-american cans
  • And a whole lot of relaxation