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Favorite picnics in art

Manet’s unconventional picnic inspires the Boxsal

Everyone at Boxsal loves a picnic. Whether it be on a plane, train, rooftop or even in a painting. We’d like to raise our compostable wine glass this Labor Day to one of our favorite picnics in art — Edouard Manet’s Le déjeuner sur l’herbe. French for “the Lunch on the Grass,” Manet’s painting was finished in 1863 and proved quite controversial during its time due to subject matter (an unclothed woman), as well as its size — approximately 7 by 9 feet.

The painting’s size — about that of a jumbo picnic blanket — was typically reserved for grander subject matter in Manet’s day. A few people having a picnic in a natural setting just seemed too mundane for the critics of the time. Of course, for everyone at Boxsal, we think a picnic is a pretty grand event to celebrate. Especially on a day dedicated to not working. So grab yourself an Office Escape, Today’s Date or Urban Picnic Boxsal this weekend, camp out underneath your favorite tree and enjoy.

To learn more about Manet’s famous picnic piece and to collect a bit of trivia fodder for your Labor Day picnic, click here. And from everyone at Boxsal, enjoy your holiday weekend!

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Image via wikipedia.

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